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Trinity Parish Church


Trinity Church is one of the 12 parish churches of Jersey; it is on the corner of Rue es Picots and Rue du Presbytere.


The church dates back at least to 1090. It is stone vaulted with a slate roof.

One of the oldest parts of the church is the spire. It was struck by lightning three times between 1629 and 1648. Eventually about 300 years later a lightning conductor was fitted. More recently the spire was encased in concrete giving it the white appearance.

The interior of the church reflects the Calvinistic era (16th century) when the churches were called Temples and were of much simpler design. The central pillar of the arcade dividing the chancel from the chapel to the north was removed in 1830 to improve the view of the pulpit.



13th Century

  • Nicolas de Cumbervill 1298

14th Century

  • Thomas de Wylne 1348

15th Century

  • John Malo 1411
  • Guillaume Malo 1437
  • Martin Le Montais 1497
  • Guillaume Nicholson 1498
  • Guillaume Brette 1499-1508

16th Century

  • Leonard Triguel 1526-1527
  • Robert Guillemelles 1529
  • Michel Guerdain 1551
  • Francois Mallet 1551-1559
  • Laurens Machon 1576-1606

17th Century

  • John Mollet 1612-1637
  • Josué Slowley 1637-1641
  • Jean Bandinel 1641
  • Josué de la Place 1642-1681
  • Philippe Falle 1681-1690
  • Francois Le Couteur 1690-1708

18th Century

  • Thomas Cartault 1709-1723
  • Francois Parain de Durette 1725-1729
  • Pierre Joubaire 1730-1765
  • Jean de la Cloche 1766-1811

19th Century

20th Century

  • Reginald Le Sueur 1901-1917
  • Sorel John Gruchy 1917-1934
  • William George Tabb 1934-1946
  • Lawrence Winston Hibbs 1946-1955
  • Arthur Charles Granger 1956-1976
  • Anthony Keogh 1976-
  • Geoff Houghton

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