Helier de la Rocque

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Helier de La Rocque

Helier de La Rocque was twice appointed Bailiff, in 1523-1524 and 1529-1530, during the suspensions of Hélier de Carteret

Helier de la Rocque stood in twice as Bailiff during the suspension from office of Hélier de Carteret when the latter was embroiled in a long-lasting dispute with Governor Sir Hugh Vaughan.

He was first appointed Jurat in either 1525 or 1531, which suggests that he was plucked from relative obscurity to deputise for de Carteret, until the joint appointments of Jean Lempriere and Richard Mabon

He was Seigneur of Saval and also Constable of Trinity in 1531, a position which would not have allowed him to be a Jurat at the same time. He is shown as Jurat until 1549, which is probably the year of his death.

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